BLCK Cold Mint 16g

 BLCK Cold Mint 16g

BLCK Cold Mint 16g

Nicotine per gram:
Nicotine per product:

The perfect little helper for those who are looking for a bit of extra energy for their day. BLCK COLD MINT is a white nicotine pad with an icy and stimulating mint taste.

Nicotine content in one gram is 12mg. 

This classic mint flavored product is completely tobacco free!

Longer release of nicotine

Smooth absorption and nicotine effect
Portion size: 0,8g
Nicotine: 12mg/1gram
Nicotine per portion: 9,6mg
Portions in one package: 20 pc

E460 cellulose, 
501 PH-adjustment, E1520 humectant, Nicotine, Aroma, Water, Preservative

Subtle and tasty. Suitable for new users as well as people who like to simply enjoy their dose of nicotine and play around with refreshing & juicy flavours. Quality ingredients and smooth nicotine absorption will let user enjoy their nicotine dose to the fullest. BLCK is the new black.

How to use Nicopods

Time of action 5-30min A plate for resorption, on a plant-based basis, to fight smoking habbit, is not a medicine. Do not consume: Persons under the age of 18, pregnant and people with high sensitivity to nicotine. Use: lay behind the upper lip for 5-30 minutes. Then spit it out without swallowing. Use no more than one sachet for 2 hours.


Nicotine per product 9.6mg
Nicotine per gram 12mg