Pablo Exclusive 50mg Bubblegum

Pablo Exclusive 50mg Bubblegum

Pablo Exclusive 50mg Bubblegum

Nicotine per gram:
Nicotine per product:

It’s time to burst your bubble, the PABLO EXCLUSIVE BUBBLEGUM is the most fun flavour we have ever made blended into the strongest pouch we have. The blend of a fun bubblegum flavour coupled with the strongest pouch we have makes for a truly psychotic experience.


The amount of nicotine in one serving is 30 mg. 

This product delivers a sweet bubblegum taste with every pouch and is completely tobacco-free!


12 grams - 20 pouches with a size of 0.6 grams.



Water, cellulose, acidity regulator, humectant, natural flavoring agent, nicotine, preservative.


Nicotine content: 50mg/g

Net weight: 12g

Flavor: Bubblegum

Manufacturer: N.G.P Tobacco ApS

Country of origin: Denmark

Manufacturer's website:


PABLO does not need an introduction. Everybody knows PABLO. PABLO is the good-old, danger strong boy that’s been out there since the very beginning. No one plays games with PABLO. Known for it’s extra high nicotine levels with the fastest nicotine absorption, PABLO has been created for true nicotine lovers. As they say, once you’ve got to know PABLO, you can never go back. Product with the quickest release of nicotine. Very strong. Gives a fast, immediate effect and absorption of nicotine. Introducing the new Pablo Exclusive. With the taste of Bubblegum and with extra strong 50mg per gram nicotine, you can take Your Pablo experience to a new Exclusive level. Portion size: 0,7g Nicotine: 50mg/1gram Nicotine per portion: 35mg, Portions in one package: 20 pc

How to use Nicopods
Time of action 5-30min A plate for resorption, on a plant-based basis, to fight smoking habbit, is not a medicine. Do not consume: Persons under the age of 18, pregnant and people with high sensitivity to nicotine. Use: lay behind the upper lip for 5-30 minutes. Then spit it out without swallowing. Use no more than one sachet for 2 hours. NOT A TOBACCO PRODUCT

Nicotine per product 30mg
Nicotine per gram 50mg