KILLA Flash 13 24g

KILLA Flash 13 24g

KILLA Flash 13 24g

Nicotine per gram:
Nicotine per product:

For the longest and hardest of days KILLA 13’s unique blend of forest berries and energy drink will get you through it all. A good fusion of taste and nicotine all conveniently in a white pouch.


This product has 5mg of nicotine per one gram of product.

This tobacco-free product is just right for those who want a white pouch with a lower nicotine content!



Water, cellulose, acidity regulator, humectant, natural flavouring agent, nicotine, preservative.


  • Nicotine content: 5mg/g
  • Net weight: 24g
  • Taste: Energy drink and forest berries
  • Manufacturer: N.G.P Tobacco ApS
  • Country of origin: Denmark
  • Manufacturer's website:



Nicotine per product 4mg
Nicotine per gram 5mg