KILLA Apple 16g

KILLA Apple 16g

KILLA Apple 16g

Nicotine per gram:
Nicotine per product:

Go au natural with the KILLA APPLE. A white nicotine pouch infused with the essence of sweet and sour apples.


This blend has 16mg of nicotine per one gram of product.

This tobacco-free product is just for those who want a unique taste and high nicotine content!


16 grams - 20 pouches with a size of 0.8 grams.



Water, cellulose, acidity regulator, humectant, natural flavoring agent, nicotine, preservative.


  • Nicotine content: 16mg/g
  • Net weight: 16g
  • Taste: apple
  • Manufacturer: N.G.P Tobacco ApS
  • Country of origin: Denmark
  • Manufacturer's website:


The legendary KILLA. Known and recognized for it’s KILLA flavours, KILLA taste & KILLA good nicotine kick one simply can not resist. Our bestseller and the most popular product that over years, has earned customers’ trust, recognition and preference on the worldwide nicotine pouches market. Because KILLA knows how to do it. 

How to use Nicopods
Time of action 5-30min A plate for resorption, on a plant-based basis, to fight smoking habbit, is not a medicine. Do not consume: Persons under the age of 18, pregnant and people with high sensitivity to nicotine. Use: lay behind the upper lip for 5-30 minutes. Then spit it out without swallowing. Use no more than one sachet for 2 hours. 


Nicotine per product 12.8mg
Nicotine per gram 16mg